strixeye notifies you when your web applications are under attack.

StrixEye does real-time anomaly detection for web applications with machine learning and generate an alarm when your web applications are under attack. StrixEye also uses this data for monitoring.

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What does strixeye do?

StrixEye helps you to protect against attacks for SQL Injection, Command Injection, XSS.

StrixEye enables you to discover vulnerabilities that are overlooked during the Development or Security Testing steps.

StrixEye generates statistics of attacks through Reports and recommends you what to do.

StrixEye can be Integrated with SIEM, SOC, Issue Tracking, Continuous Integration and Team Messaging systems.

StrixEye can automatically send push-notifications, write WAF rules or many others via Triggers.

StrixEye allows you to add users and distribute tasks between users.

StrixEye allows you to develop a variety of tools for your specific needs using via API.

StrixEye can send push notification to integrated systems when an event occurs by using custom listeners.

StrixEye generates alarms when an attack is detected. You can take action on these alarms by using integrated systems.

StrixEye offers attack details as real-time monitoring.


StrixEye directly captures network interfaces and can run on any Linux distribution or any version of Windows Server.


StrixEye Agent is supported to scale-out. You can run StrixEye Agent parallel to all application servers.

AI Powered

StrixEye detects most of the attacks using machine-learning.

SDLC Compatible

StrixEye is ready to be used in the Software Development Life Cycle.



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