API Abuse Detection

Even though APIs make business processes easier, they are vulnerable to business-logic abuse since they can access your critical data. APIs can be easy to abuse. Besides, security solutions are often too slow to keep up with. 

StrixEye profiles the visitors of your platform’s API by in-depth access-pattern analysis and notifies you if a visitor intends to abuse it.

API's are becoming easier to abuse. Security solutions are often too slow to keep up.

Bot Detection

Bots take action much quicker than your security professionals do. It’s hard for your blue team to timely recognize bot behavior from authentic ones. It’s up to your bot detection capability of your security infrastructure. Is it as intelligent as you think?

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.


StrixEye’s profiling algorithm notifies you when malicious bots intend to abuse your services.

Brute-Force Detection

Brute-Force Attacks, one of the oldest and most popular methods, cause countless financial frauds and loss every year. If there is enough time and hardware power, a brute force attack will succeed. In addition, web-application firewalls can be by-passed.


StrixEye detects Brute-Force attacks, classifies the actors as hackers, and triggers security rules to prevent the attacker.

StrixEye detects Brute-Force attacks, classifies the actors as hackers, and triggers security rules to prevent the attacker.


Captcha By-Pass Detection

Captchas are critical in defending your web-application against bot requests which try to steal credentials, bank accounts and mass data. However, captchas can be by-passed by hackers.

Enumeration Detection

Attackers can collect and duplicate information about your application, its users and discover access points with enumeration procedures.

StrixEye supports you with preventing information collection on the application surface/interface and blocking hackers’ from your web-application.


Fraud Detection

Fraud incidents not only cause financial loss but also reputational ones. We know that you want to protect your business and customers but also have an easy-to-use detection solution.

StrixEye monitors your online services against fraudulent behavior and sorts out abnormal users from authentic ones thanks to its AI-powered fraud protection solution.

Its rich integration capabilities helps you easily protect your web services from fraudsters.

Fuzzing Detection

Hackers collect critical information about your web-applications’ responses using fuzzing methods. They use these responses to discover potential vulnerabilities and create new attack vectors.

StrixEye discovers your visitors’ aims with its smart security-checks, and helps you to take precautions based on its understanding of hacking intentions.


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