Detect Hackers Long Before They Attack

Security solutions are designed to focus on attacks and stop them. This approach has risks. Once you can’t stop an attack, it ends with unprecedented failures.

Unlike other security solutions, StrixEye focuses on all visitors and detects the ones who are likely to be attackers. This way, you initiate your measures very early and take precautions.

Challenge Suspicious Visitors

StrixEye conducts risk-scoring on each visitor. You can notify your security team through your monitoring or team management platforms after a visitor reaches risk-score of 30. Furthermore, based on changing risk-scores, StrixEye helps you challenge suspects with Google-captcha or JS-captcha, independently or respectively.


Manages Rules & Feed Security Solutions

In today’s web-application security environment, firewalls are most dominant products. New tools with the branding of “API security” caused conventional WAFs to change their domain-naming as WAAPs. Unfortunately, current security approaches, including API security tools,  are not enough to ensure your security. 

Thanks to its smart-checks based algorithm, StrixEye detects suspects who are trying to by-pass WAFs, API security solutions & WAAPs. Moreover, StrixEye can be integrated to several solutions and block the detected suspects through the rules you create, such blocking a user with a risk-score of 80 via your WAF (such as CloudFlare, AWS, Imperva, ModSec, etc.) and, respectively a suspect with a risk-score of 90 on network-layer via your firewall (such as F5, Palo Alto, etc.).


Security Cloud

StrixEye collects IP addresses of suspects from its customer-network and shares them in between. Consequently, each StrixEye customer is protected even though their applications are not conducted a recon by any suspicious visitor.