Predict Hackers Long Before They Attack

Security solutions are designed to focus on and stop the attack. This is risky. Once you can’t stop an attack, it ends with unprecedented failures.

Unlike other security solutions, StrixEye focuses on all visitors and detects the ones who are likely to be attackers. This way, you initiate your measures and take precautions very early.

Challenge Suspicious Visitors

StrixEye conducts risk-scoring on each visitor and helps you challenge the ones who displays suspicious behavior. For instance, you can notify your security team on monitoring or team management platforms (such as Slack etc.) after a user reaches 30 risk-score, or challenge a user with 40 risk-score with a Google-captcha or a user with 60 risk-score with a JS-captcha.


Feeds and manages Firewalls & WAFs

Firewalls both at network and application layers are popular products. Unfortunately, they are not enough to ensure your security.

Thanks to its smart-checks based algorithm, StrixEye inimitably detects malicious visitors who are trying to by-pass web application firewalls. Moreover, StrixEye can be integrated to several firewalls and block the detected visitors. You can block a user with 80 risk-score from WAFs (such as CloudFlare, AWS, Imperva, ModSec, etc.) and 90 risk-score user on network-layer via firewalls (such as F5, Palo Alto, etc.).


Security Cloud

StrixEye collects IP addresses of malicious visitors from its customer-network and shares them in between. Consequently, each StrixEye customer is protected even though their applications are not conducted reconnaissance by any suspicious visitor.