StrixEye is the new generation security platform empowered by AI and its own smart security checks.

All existing cyber security products focus on the moment of attack. Unfortunately, this approach can not prevent the theft of critical data from your web application but only aims to restrict the damage to a minimum.


StrixEye is designed to go beyond this approach and focus on the attacker and the pre-attack, not the attack. It prevents you from experiencing any loss and protects the value of your company. In this way, StrixEye allows you to understand the measure without experiencing any leakage, and to recognize the attacker and the attack method.

We allow you to do all these in ghost mode without causing performance loss.

You can easily integrate StrixEye with your existing SIEM, SOAR, firewalls, and WAF solutions to protect the value of all your current security investments.

StrixEye creates a real Security Cloud environment by keeping the attackers it determines in its own database. Automatically detects and notifies you when an attacker, previously detected in another web application, wants to harm your application.

With all its features and the Security Cloud environment it provides, StrixEye is here to help you ensure the security of your web assets.


How to work?

StrixEye receives requests without blocking the request-response cycle and watches visitors all the time. In this way, it catches the possible attackers before they attack, and does not cause performance loss.

Our platform searches for all requests and identifies each visitor on your web applications. Then our analyzing algorithms analyze visitors’ profiles and assign a score to the profile based on their activity.

If a profile is detected as an attacker, a warning is generated and admins can get actions for this user using your SOC, SOAR, firewalls, or WAFs products.


Detected attackers are recorded in our database. In this way, an attacker detected in another customer is blocked before they can reach your systems.


StrixEye has special ways to take automatic action when a possible attacker is detected which is called Integrations. We are helping you with our Incident Response and Notification Integrations to protect your web applications.

If any visitor shows suspicious behaviours, you can follow up or ban the visitor using automated rules on WAFs, Load Balancer or firewalls integrated with our Platforms which we called Incident Response Integrations. 

StrixEye generates alarms if there is any possible attacker on your web applications. Our Notification Integrations warn your security team, using the most popular team messaging platforms.


StrixEye developed to meet all your security requirements for your applications. Our platform has been designed suitably which you can configure according to your needs to protect your infrastructure. With all of its abilities, StrixEye ensures real-time anomaly detection and the reliability of your web applications.


StrixEye agent is designed to scale easily, whether your web application receives hundreds of requests or billions.

User Managements
User Managements

You can set up more than 45 permissions for every role on StrixEye Agents.

Containerized Structures
Containerized Structures

Our Platform supports Docker and Kubernetes environments. There are no messy situations to configure StrixEye agents.

API Support
API Support

StrixEye allows you to develop a variety of tools for your specific needs using its API.


StrixEye has its own Command Line Interface(CLI). It provides remote access and ease to use for your security teams.

Automated Rules
Automated Rules

You can generate automated rules which are called “Triggers” on the Agents. These rules are integrated SOC/SIEM applications like Cloudflare, AWS or Team Management applications like Slack.

Check out our documentation for further information